Get to know us!

Sunday Ivory was born at 3am on Thursday, February 4th 2021.  After many months stressing over a typical 9-5 job and going back and forth debating if I should start my own business, I decided it was time to pursue my passion.  My dream was to start a home decor shop, where I would source and create beautiful and classic decor pieces that make people want to stay at home because it feels like an escape.  The first thing I came up with was the name - Sunday Ivory.  "Sunday" because this word to me represents family, staying in, and self-care.  "Ivory" because the color is neutral, creamy, delicate and classic. 

My skillful mother brought all my designs to life and is the one that hand makes the wooden products.  Each original Sunday Ivory product is carefully and thoughtfully made. 

We hope that these pieces bring a little bit of inspiration and gives you pleasure in saying, "I'd rather stay at home."